Coherent VPC

The VPC for sale has newly refurbished laser bricks and the complete system has been overhauled to manufacturer's specifications.  The sale price is $39,995 and includes install and warranty in the continental United States.

Coherent VPC Specifications

  • The first complete multiple wavelength cutaneous laser system
  • Instant selection of three proven Q-switched lasers for pigmented lesions and all tattoo colors
  • New variable pulse width laser selectively treats a wide range of vascular conditions with minimal purpura
  • Compact, mobile, quiet
  • Low cost, low maintenance, solid state design
  • Superior delivery systems to enhance patient treatment

Front Panel: Touch Screen

Aiming Beam: 630-675 nm (red)

Cooling: Self-contained, water-to-air heat exchange

Weight: Appox. 150 kg (approx. 300 lbs.)

Dimensions (without arm): 46 cm x 84 cm x 99 cm

Electrical: 100/115V; 20 A; 200/230V; 15 A