Livengood Laser is your go-to destination for all of your service needs.  All equipment breaks down from time to time, and when it happens, Livengood Laser will be there for you!  Below you will find a list of the different lasers we can service at this time.

- 2300/2500 NdYag Laser
- 3000 LE NdYag Laser

- 900, 910, 920, 920 A/K, 920 Dye, 920 PDT, Novus 2000, Novus E, Novus Omni, and Ultima 2000 Ion lasers

- Novus Verdi, Spectra 532 nm, Varia, and Smart 532 Diode Lasers

- 7901, 7910, 7970, 8900, 9900, Epic, Aura and Aura PT Ophthalmic NdYag lasers

- Selecta II, Selecta 7000, Selecta Duet and Smart Duet NdYAG/SLT

- Ultrapulse, Encore, and Xanar CO2 Gas laser

- 2.1, VP Select, VP Powersuite, Pulse 50H/100H, Pulse 120H, and Moses Holmium lasers
- VPW and VPC Cosmetic Multi-Wavelength lasers

Lightsheer EP, ET, XC, Duet, Desire


Iris Medical/ Iridex

- Oculight GL, Oculight GLX, Oculight TX, Oculight SL, Oculight SLX,


Laser Engineering

- MD40 and MD60



- LQP3106, LPQ4106 ERA, Super Q, Ultra Q, Tango, Solo, Ultra QR, Tango QR

- Solitaire, Integre, Integre Pro Scan

- Eye Cubed Ultrasound


- Stonelight Holmium Laser



- LightLas 532, 577, and 810nm Photocoagulators

- LightLas SeLecTor Deux, SLT, and Vitreolysis Lasers

- LightLas Yag and Lpulsa SYL9000 Yag Lasers


New Star
- 1500 Holmium Laser

- YC 1100/1200, YC 1300/1400, YC 1600, and YC 1800 NdYag lasers

GYC 1000 and 2000


Compact 20C, 30C, 40C CO2 Lasers


- CL60, CLMD 40, CL100 NdYAG Lasers

- Visulas II, Visulas II Plus, and Visulas III NdYag lasers

- Visulas 532, and Visulas 532s